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Our Journey



A compass is an instrument that helps you understand directions. It can be of great benefit to guide you when you are lost. A compass is not thrown off track by obstacles. It remains true to the source of gravity that draws it.


True life can only be found in Jesus Christ. Jesus said He is the way, the truth, and the life. In the midst of life's uncertainty, Compass stands to point you towards the Savior. With the church as your compass and the Bible as your map, you are fully equipped to begin an adventurous journey and embark on a relationship with Jesus. With faith in a good compass, start walking in the direction of salvation.


Compass Apostolic Church exists to point you to the love, hope, and faith that is found in Jesus Christ. Guided by the direction of the Holy Ghost, our mission is to help you navigate God's Biblical map of salvation marked in Acts 2:38 and  teach believers to follow the course laid out in the Word of God. We seek to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ. Welcome to the greatest adventure of all, following Jesus.





Greg and Heather Kessler, along with their three boys, are passionate about helping you grow in your relationship with God. Their experience in children and youth ministries make them ideal leaders of Compass. They are eager to meet you during your visit!

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